Absolutely Games is a new and expanding studio, formed in late 2019 to create a workplace that emphasises the art and joy of building great games with great people.


Nothing else, no nonsense.

Absolutely Games makes games in the Strategy and Tactics genre on multiple platforms, including PC new-generation consoles. 

We are building communities and games for the long term. We want to make games that become hobbies for our players over the years to come.

Since our start in 2019, we have grown to over 25 happy people who are currently working on our first title.

This is a new IP that we own, that has a publishing deal with a large, much-loved, and well-known publisher. The game has incredible prospects and will become a pillar title for us and our partner.

We intend to grow further and become a centre for excellence in games development, where players look forward to hearing about our upcoming releases, all while maintaining our core values and culture.

We are based in Guildford in the UK, where we have an office close to the main train station and the shops, cafes, pubs and bars in this lovely town, which is one of the biggest games industry hubs in the country.

James Brooksby, CEO

James is a games industry veteran of over 20 years and with that brings significant experience in running and guiding game development and publishing studios and producing games. James was in at the ground floor near the start of a company that eventually grew to be Kuju Entertainment, a company with around 350 staff.

He produced a high number of high-quality games in his career including Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior, Geometry Wars Galaxies, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, and Burn Zombie Burn. He was in increasingly senior management positions to be eventually in charge of the development and growth of full games studios. He founded groundbreaking studio, doublesix games, a new division of Kuju, which was solely focused on digitally distributed games on multiple platforms using innovative marketing and sales techniques (when digital distribution was new), before leading a management buy-out of part of doublesix to form Born Ready Games which successfully launched Strike Suit Zero.

Born Ready Games became Edge Case Games, where James remained the CEO, leading the company to produce the critically acclaimed Fractured Space (PC Free to play). After building a growing team well-known in the industry for excellence, Edge Case Games was sold to Wargaming. James has now started up a new company, Absolutely Games, using all he has learned over the last 20+ years to create a great new, highly focused strategy games studio in the UK, utilising franchise design, smart decision-making, community collaboration, long-tail game development and strong values-based leadership.

Adrian Hawkins, CTO

Adrian Hawkins is a veteran of the industry, working in games since the mid-’90s, and is now CTO at Absolutely Games. He had held roles as the CEO of Twistplay, a UK-based developer of mobile and Steam games, and Technical Director at Vector Suite using UE4. Adrian was formerly COO/CTO of Kuju, his role was to oversee production across all studios, including large and complex titles and all the challenges they bring.

He is a techie at heart, previously having roles as CTO, Technical Director, Head of R&D and extensive hands-on console engine development. Notable past titles include “Warhammer Quest”, “Lotus Challenge”, “Doctor Who: The Doctor and the Daleks”, “Warhammer 40K: Fire Warrior”, “Silent Hill: Downpour”, and “Chime Sharp”.